Service process
Pre-sale service
Provide timely, comprehensive business advice;
We can pick-up custom and book hotel, take customers to the site to check the machinery, and can visit the famous attractions in Shanghai;
Sale service
According to customer needs to improve the mechanical deficiencies, to provide professional transport solutions;
Professional engineers for machinery before loading maintenance, provide safe loading transport services.
After-sales service
Make regular return visits, listen to customers' Suggestions and establish customer service files;
To provide technical support for mechanical assembly and use guidance services at the port, you only need to call our service phone number 021-54735978, 11, 12, or send difficulties to our after-sales department manager service mailbox, our relevant departments will contact you as soon as possible;
We promise that we will respond to customers' calls in a timely manner. If you need to buy related accessories, we can provide you with the service of purchasing accessories.

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