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Safe driving of dump trucks
2019-04-29 21:20:45

Used Dump truck as now one of the most common engineering vehicles, a brief container structure with a weak hydraulic system, so that the vehicle has a brief operation, practical strong characteristics, to assist the vehicle to complete the whole process of the operation, by the majority of car friends sought after.

The size of the vehicle is generally based on the size of the vehicle container to judge, the size of the dump truck in 3 meters to 8 meters between the comparison of more, the standard within the dump truck operation efficiency is relatively high, transport and unloading process is more rapid, in comparison will be more useful.

The jacket standard of the basis car also can understand the price of the car, the jacket price of 3.5 meters is 12,000;The price of a 4.5-meter top is 18,000 yuan, while the price of a 5.6-meter top is 24,000 yuan.The jacket price of 6.5 meters is 44,500 ", once oil gun "jump gun", do not add again.The move is to check the accuracy of new car fuel meters.

In addition to the first time, do not fill up the fuel tank, in order to the economy of the vehicle, in addition to the first time, the fuel tank will not be filled in the future, the general situation can be added to 2/3.You know, a fully loaded tank weighs almost as much as an adult.

It is better to choose the best time for refueling in the morning, especially in hot summer days, to prevent a large amount of gas in the tank, resulting in less refueling.When the indicator light is on, you should fill the oil tank immediately, or else the diesel pump may be burned because there is too little diesel in the tank to dissipate heat for the diesel pump.

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