Product Guide
The development trend of second-hand dump trucks
2019-04-29 21:21:15

At present, the second-hand dump truck is becoming more and more popular, and its safety performance is closely related to the national security issues. Now people's safety awareness is improving, and the safety of dump truck will become the priority of off-highway dump truck users. At the same time, the design and manufacture of production enterprises must consider the factors.

Used dump truck adaptive performance in because of off-highway dump truck in mining, water conservancy and hydropower engineering on the use of large, GeKuang, large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project condition differ in thousands ways, load and material aspects of obvious difference, therefore, in order to better advantage of off-highway dump truck, it necessary to consider the overall planning of off-highway dump truck vehicle practice using different planning for specific conditions.

1、heavy, multi-axis trend. With the improvement of journey conditions and transportation industry opened, for highway transport high-speed, container development clear good conditions, together with large tonnage, multi-axis dump truck widely used to provide a large space.

2、The trend of high technology and high added value of products: with the continuous intensification of market competition, the competitive advantage of labor-intensive products to win with price will be weakened, and technological innovation will become the economic growth method of special vehicle operation.

In addition, the market will greatly increase the demand for high technology and high value-added products, and this trend will promote the development of high-tech and high value-added dump truck products by special vehicle manufacturers.

3、joint venture cooperation of enterprises, asset restructuring trend. From the world market situation, developed countries bound by labor costs and economic downturn, manufacturing and overseas in recent years, to the vehicle in our country in the world market supply will be a chance. Together, foreign car companies to seek new economic growth point, on shopping mall has a dense forest China. Joint venture agreement spite of our country the development of high value-added dump truck and other products will play a vivid effect.