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Freight car wash not careless, careful brake loss
2019-05-06 17:19:06

Many old drivers know that the drum brake bridge in the wading often caused the phenomenon of brake failure, but recently many cars because of the car wash caused brake failure, may have a friend will not understand.

The recent frequent rainfall across the country, including a few days ago "mangosteen" caused by a large area of precipitation in the north, I believe that there must be a lot of driver friends also after the wading road, then you should pay attention to, because the wheel wading is likely to cause the brake effect is weakened, or even brake failure.

Driving at high speed on rainy days

We know that the brake is accomplished by the friction between the brake pads and the brake drum.When driving in water, the wheels are almost immersed in water, leaving a layer of water film between the brake pad and the brake drum, just like a layer of lubricating oil, making the brake pad and the brake drum become very smooth, reducing the friction, unable to control the car to stop, and the water inside the drum is not easy to spread out.

Drum brake drum brake

The phenomenon of the brake failure to very fast, is almost wheel invasion into the water will happen, so before wade will be ready to brake failure, after leaving the water to walk while a few brakes, brake between several times after the car brake pads and brake drum water will be erased, generate heat drying moisture, restore the brake braking effect.

And this kind of phenomenon can hardly happen on the vehicle that USES disc brake, because the drum type brake is to rely on the friction resistance to obtain the braking effect, and the disc type brake system brake pad area is very small, the periphery of disc disc is completely exposed in the outside, leaving no water.In this way, due to the effect of centrifugal force when the wheel is rotating, the droplets on the disc will automatically dissipate without affecting the function of the brake system.

A disc brake

So why do we rarely see the disc brake on the truck? Because the disc brake is not as powerful as the drum brake, it is difficult to brake a large truck weighing dozens of tons. The braking area of the drum brake is much larger than that of the disc brake.And limited to the reason of installation space, truck rarely have space to install suitable large size disc brake disc.(but the latest regulations have made it clear that disc brakes must be installed on many models)

Of course, a lot of people may know that the drum brake water will fail this point, and many people do not know is that the most common car wash may also cause the drum brake water failure, because we are in the car wash, used to use a high-pressure water gun to wash the vehicle, this way saving time and fast, but at the same time easy to cause the brake water.

Water cannon washing your car also causes your brakes to fail

When washing a car so, must notice to wash the road on the car to travel after, take a few feet of brake first, it is to consume the moisture inside brake, it is to try again brake clever not clever, so that can think of a way to solve in time.Otherwise, when driving a vehicle high speed runs, encounter a case to undertake processing again, just discover did not brake very dangerous.

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