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You have to be careful when driving a dump truck
2019-05-08 21:04:58

Tipper different from ordinary cars, its performance and ordinary cars are also very different.In recent years, there are more and more traffic accidents caused by tipper trucks, and experts point out that it is necessary to master necessary skills to drive tipper trucks.Here for you to introduce a few tips for tipper driving.

1. Change gears quickly

There is nothing wrong with a quick shift, the key is that many car owners start to shift at the beginning, and the more experienced the master the more this bad habit, think can save fuel and good for the engine, in fact this is the wrong habit.Every car has a reference shift speed, should increase the accelerator to make the vehicle to a certain speed and then shift, and now the engine design is generally high speed as a reference value, low speed shift if the cooperation is not good, the vehicle is easy to stall and shake.

Drive in neutral

In today's high oil prices, the use of neutral driving to achieve the purpose of fuel saving is the owner of the commonly used techniques, in fact, whether the automatic transmission or manual transmission of vehicles, neutral sliding not only will not save fuel, but may cause serious consequences.According to master Chen, now most of the car is the use of electronic fuel injection system, and for safety reasons, manufacturers in the beginning is not considered the neutral sliding this situation, so in fact in the neutral state of the vehicle is not normal operation.At this time, the clutch, gear will also aggravate wear, so not only can not save fuel, but also to the driving safety buried hidden trouble.

3. Half a clutch

When you first learned to drive, the master said the most is to step on the clutch to the bottom, and then slowly loose.But some of the skilled owners think that such a start time, often hang up to block, with half clutch parking or starting, a long time will accelerate the aging of the clutch.When the clutch is half, the active plate and passive plate of the clutch will be in a slight friction state for a long time, which will make the clutch hot and cause high temperature and damage to the clutch.At the same time, it will accelerate the wear of platen, separate bearing and other parts.Experts suggest that the owner of the best not lazy, as far as possible to step on the clutch low.

Turn with brakes

Deceleration is absolutely safe to drive when crossing a bend, but a lot of car owners like to leave the braking process to the curve, in fact, should be in the turn before stepping on the brake, into the turn after stepping on the accelerator.When crossing a bend, step on the brake, can make before and after about the brake wear degree is not the same, a long time will lead to vehicle braking when shaking, affecting the balance of vehicles.If the direction and braking force control is not reasonable, it will cause an accident.

Tip: in the driving tipper must improve safety awareness, must not be careless.In addition, in order to give themselves and their families better protection, it is very necessary to buy an insurance, when the accident can be in a certain extent to reduce their economic losses.

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