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Teach you how to change the dump truck oil correctly
2019-05-10 19:12:35

If the engine is the heart of a Used dump truck, then the oil is the blood of the dump truck.It plays the role of lubrication, cleaning, cooling, anticorrosion, rust prevention, sealing and so on.There are a lot of metal surfaces in the engine that are rubbing against each other and need lubricating oil to reduce the wear, and the debris generated by the metal friction will also get together and let out, which is the main reason why the lubricating oil turns black.

So, usually when we maintain, how to do the correct replacement of lubricating oil?Today, small make up for you to share the experience of professionals, let you second - hand tipper maintenance professionals.

1、choose suitable for the use of the engine lubricating oil, not the most expensive, to the most appropriate.

2、before the oil had better drive out for a walk around, let the oil in the engine lubrication, the engine will be the precipitation of impurities out.

3、Open the oil drain port at the bottom of the engine and start to drain oil. Pay attention to it.

4、to carefully observe the outflow of lubricating oil, if very viscous, and stratified state, but also slightly smelly, will shorten the cycle for lubricating oil.

If there is a strong smell of gasoline, it shows that the engine combustion chamber of the sealing is not good, it is best to check.

5、Close the oil port bolt and replace the brand-new oil filter.

6、Open the refueling port and pour in the new oil. Please check the upper limit of the oil gauge.

7、after refueling, start the engine, the car will start, idle a few minutes, flamed out.

8、Check the oil gauge again to see whether the oil quantity needs to be supplemented.

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