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Common Methods For Used Dump Truck Assessment
2019-05-13 17:47:46

This paper introduces several practical and operable evaluation methods of Used howo dump truck

The results calculated by the following used car valuation methods are only included in the final transaction price range and cannot be regarded as the final transaction price.

There are two reasons:

Method is more than one is in the procedure of vehicle condition is good, without missing and didn't see the car, and the specific price need to follow the market, such as vehicles, procedure is missing, how configuration, mileage, and dynamic, brand and model of new car market price awareness, accessories and maintenance, etc.;

Second, because there is no unified standard for the recognition of vehicle value in China at present, and the main body of used car operation is mostly used car brokerage companies (self-employed), so the transaction price is almost all negotiated in the process of trading, and the jargon is "chatting".

I. calculation formulas commonly used in academia

The current price of the assessed vehicle = replacement price x (1- service life/prescribed service life) x 100% x adjustment factor.Where, (1- service life/prescribed service life) 100%, the result is called "new rate".

The "replacement price" is the minimum cost of buying a new vehicle identical to the vehicle being evaluated.

For example, the hyundai yuedong 1.6gl has been used for two years.Current new car guiding price is 104.8 thousand yuan, preferential price is about 90 thousand yuan or so, it is replacement price with 90 thousand yuan, economic service life is 15 years, according to the formula :90 thousand x (1-2/15) x 100% =78 thousand yuan.

The adjustment coefficient can be calculated as follows:

The adjustment factor is 75%.Then, the final evaluation of the car is :78000 75% = 58,500 yuan.

The above is just a very simple classification of the car by the four assembly, the evaluation of the parts.The evaluation results were weighted to 75%.In fact, these projects can be divided into more detailed, more scientific, an engine can be divided into dozens or hundreds of items, but also the use of maintenance and vehicle brand awareness, origin as inspection projects.The weight can even be extended to the micrometer.The more detailed you are, the more accurate your assessment will be.

However, the formula is more suitable for models that are still sold, and it is falling short as the country plans to eliminate the mandatory retirement age.

Second, the method of "54321"

Namely, according to the condition that the economic service life of the vehicle is 300,000 km, it is divided into 5 segments, each segment is 60,000 km, and the value of each segment is in sequence 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of the original vehicle price.For example, if the same elantra runs 60,000 km and the replacement price is 90,000 yuan, the car will still be worth 90,000 yuan (4+3+2+1/15)= 60,000 yuan.

The effective life of American, Japanese and German cars is generally around 300,000 km. After exceeding 300,000 km, the maintenance cost may be higher than the value of the car itself.For lower grade cars, the effective life can be adjusted.As a rule of thumb, this is pretty much the case.

Iii. "4321 method"

That is, 4, 3, 2 and 1 of the total value of the vehicles consumed in the first, second, third and fourth years respectively.For example, the same elantra, after two years of use, with the replacement price of 90,000 yuan, the residual value of the original value of 2+1, namely 90,000 times (2+1/10)= 27,000 yuan.This valuation method generally regardless of the actual mileage is how many, only consider the use of life, is not suitable for private cars, but more suitable for taxis and other similar vehicles.

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