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How to drive a truck more fuel efficient in summer?
2019-05-29 18:40:26

As the saying goes, the old driver USES the accelerator to open the Used dump truck, the new driver USES the brake to drive.Savvy drivers control their speed with the accelerator, and drivers control their speed with the brake.

In urban areas, people who have driven for years are not much different from those who have driven for a while.

According to the road conditions, fuel-efficient driving mode is to use the appropriate road conditions corresponding to the most fuel-efficient driving speed of the car.

Road condition 1: waiting for a red light to start many times

Under this kind of road condition, the driver only needs to hang first after the 1st gear refuels, then hangs into the neutral gear to slip the car to be possible.

Road condition 2: the road is congested, only stop-and-go

In this situation, the driver can step on the accelerator to release quickly, and then step on the accelerator.Can effectively avoid the brake pad due to intermittent brake overheating, wear problems, not only can brake well, but also save fuel, and do not hurt the car.

Road condition 3: close to the car in front

When discovery and front car distance already cannot rise to 3 when block, want to hang only after 2 block, step on a foot gas pedal deeply, turn into neutral block, let a car slip a car to go below inertial action.

Road condition 4: in 3, but stop 100 meters ahead.

In this case, if there is no obstacle in front, can be hung to 4 gear, remember that after the upgrade do not fuel, just use 4 gear to glide.

One principle of driving is that you can ease the throttle and reduce the speed without braking.A lot of time, according to the road ahead, have the foresight to advance the accelerator with a stop glide than blind refueling run to look less than to step on the brake I do not know how many times better!So, we repeatedly say, savvy drivers with throttle control speed, driver with brake control speed.

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