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How To Maintain Dump Trucks in Hot Summer
2019-06-12 18:45:16

No matter luxury cars or ordinary Used dump trucks, there are relatively fixed daily maintenance process and rules, even if it is not running for a long time, according to the time maintenance is not small.Want to let their car unimpeded driving, must learn to repair maintenance car on schedule.

But do you know the maintenance cycle of your car?How to maintain car ability hair to let oneself more worry - free?

1、Daily maintenance content

Appearance inspection: before the car, look around the car to see whether the lighting device is damaged, the car body is tilted, there is no leakage, water leakage and other leakage;Check the appearance of tires;Check the condition of door, engine cover, stock cover and glass.

Check the signal device: turn on the ignition key (do not start the engine), check the illumination of all alarm lights and indicators, start the engine to check whether all alarm lights are normally off and whether the indicators are still on.Check the fuel gauge for fuel refill.

2、Weekly maintenance content

Tire pressure check: adjust tire pressure and clear debris on tires.Don't forget to check the spare tire.

Engine and all kinds of oil inspection: the fixed condition of each part of the engine, check whether there is any oil leakage or water leakage on each joint surface of the engine;Check and adjust belt tightness;Check the fixing of pipelines and wires in each part;Check oil refill;Check and replenish coolant;Check supplemental electrolyte;Check supplemental power steering oil;Clean radiator surface;Add windshield cleaning fluid, etc.

Clean the inside of the car, clean the outside of the car.

3、Monthly maintenance contents

External inspection: patrol the car, check the damage of the bulb and lampshade;Check the fixing condition of car body decorations;Check the mirrors.

Tire check: tire wear, baggage clearance;When approaching the wear mark of the tire, replace the tire, check the tire for bulges, abnormal major wear, aging cracks and bruises.

Clean waxing: thoroughly clean the interior of the car;Clean the debris on the surface of water tank, oil radiator and air conditioner radiator.

Chassis inspection: if there is any leakage of oil in the chassis and any traces of oil leakage are found, the gear oil amount of each assembly shall be checked and appropriately supplemented, and all grease nozzles of the chassis shall be fully replenished.

Other details repeat weekly maintenance content.

4、Maintenance contents every six months

Engine external cleaning: engine surface, pay attention to the electrical parts of the waterproofing treatment.If the electrical part of the higher waterproof requirements, should avoid using high pressure, high temperature water gun to wash the engine, you can use brush with cleaning agent to clean the engine surface.

Distributor: clean the distributor cover with a clean cloth, remove the distributor contact dirt, eliminate contact ablation stains, check the high-speed contact gap or the magnetic pole gap of the electronic ignition system, and lubricate the distributor's lubrication points.

3 filter oil: use compressed air to blow the air filter dust;Timely replace the fuel filter and clean the filter screen of the pipeline joint;Change the oil and oil filter.Oil filters, fuel prefilters and centrifugal fine filters should also be cleaned for domestic vehicles.

Battery inspection: there is no corrosion in the terminal post of the battery. Flush the surface of the battery with hot water to remove corrosion on the terminal post of the battery.Measure and adjust the electrolyte specific gravity of the battery.

5、Annual maintenance contents

Ignition timing inspection: adjust the ignition timing of the car engine, the diesel engine fuel supply timing inspection and adjustment is best to the repair shop.

Valve clearance: check the high speed valve clearance for engines equipped with ordinary valves.

Clean and lubricate: clean grease from the hinged mechanism of the engine cover, door and baggage compartment, re-adjust and lubricate the said mechanism.

There are a lot of novice drivers, usually do not care about the changes in the car, only after the car broke down stupid.As long as the careful reference to the above inspection maintenance project, you can find some hidden dangers in the daily driving, timely elimination.