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Second-Hand Hao Wo Dump Car Safety Needs To Know
2019-05-05 17:26:43

Look at the operator's license

Used hand dump truck due to the existence of a certain particularity, in the state of vehicles, procedures and other aspects for the layman or a certain complexity, so in the formal market and formal companies can be guaranteed.If a broker offers to help you, check the "broker qualification certificate" and "license of the used car broker" of the person and do not blindly trust people on the side of the road.

See the second - hand dump car procedures are legal and complete

Car has car property right to register card commonly, drive card, buy tax card, proof of road maintenance fee, insurance proof, if be freight car, be about to add operation card, blowdown to mark card.

Three see whether the car hide the problem

Buying a used car requires visual inspection, which includes checking whether the engine model, factory number and chassis model match the record on the driving license.Two is the technical condition of the vehicle inspection, including the inspection of whether the vehicle collision damage, whether the door balance, paint off and the degree of metal corrosion of the vehicle.3 it is car interior, accessary device, car bottom checks, want to see the degree of old and new of the seat, whether the seat is sunken below, and the tool following the car of suitcase is complete, car window glass rises and fall whether agile, instrument whether original outfit, pedal whether to have flexibility to wait.Four is the engine inspection, including the observation of the external condition of the engine, see no oil outside the cylinder;Check the amount of engine oil, take out the oil measuring stick to see whether the oil is turbid or blister;Lift the cover of the water tank to see if the fan belt is tight.

Pay attention to the connection between vehicle style handover and vehicle handover

Do not look at the car and verify the documents under the circumstances of the deposit and car, must be completed in the transfer procedures will be paid off in full.If it is a business vehicle, the best place to see the car in the store.

Complete the transfer procedures to avoid hidden dangers

Transfer of used howo dump truck generally in local second-hand dump truck market can go through, it's about time a week, get a temporary registration of the fourth day, the buyer by the temporary registration to the designated trading market for the original registration and to receive the original property right card, after being brought out original vehicle license and the original property right card, immediately put the purchase tax (irs) and highway maintenance fees to transfer (highway) by the collection certificate.Transfer charge each district can have different, can trade the market to undertake consulting to place.

The buyer shall provide the id card of the car purchaser or the business code certificate of the business owner, the funds for the car purchase (if the car purchaser is not a local resident, he shall apply for a temporary residence permit in the local place if he wants to do the local license plate).

The seller shall provide the id card of the owner of the vehicle or the enterprise code certificate of the business owner, the registration certificate of the property right of the vehicle, the vehicle driving license, the vehicle purchase tax voucher, the valid road maintenance fee voucher, and the valid insurance policy of the vehicle.

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