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Second Hand Dump Truck Driving Skills Summary
2019-05-06 17:26:07

Used dump truck fierce as a tiger, driving by skill.The steering wheel of big truck is slightly heavier and larger, and the gear clearance is small, which is more complex and more intense than driving a small car. Therefore, it is necessary to master relevant driving skills of big truck.The following is a brief introduction of common driving techniques for large trucks.

Big truck driving skill 1

Start clutch, throttle, handbrake with accurate, especially the timing of the release handbrake.Up slope start clutch node more stable, slightly larger throttle, but the advantages of a car is a first gear start than the car power, starting more easily.

Big truck driving skills ii

Shift to be timely, can not drag gear, especially on the hill ahead of the shift to ensure that the reserve power.In addition to shift to use two foot clutch, gear reduction and empty oil.Hang low gear downhill, do not slide in neutral.

Big truck driving skill three

The turning should be made in advance according to the situation of the curve, the Angle of the sharp curve should be properly taken, and the inner wheel difference should be fully considered, that is, the big curve should be turned, when the situation of continuous curve allows, try to cut the curve, reduce the influence of centrifugal force.

Big truck driving skill four

Gears, after the start, the car into the normal route, trample accelerator pedal immediately, to increase the speed quickly to higher than the gears of a gear low speed range, the clutch is raised after refueling, engines and vehicles not jitter fit, and if the engine and vehicle dithering phenomenon, speed is low, speed should be improve more.

Big truck driving skills five

If the vehicle rear-seat phenomenon, that speed on the high side, should be less.At this time, the rapid shift into a high gear, and then speed up, with the same method, the shift lever into the highest gear level.

Big truck driving skills six

When reducing gears, if obstacles are found in front of the vehicle, if the vehicle is close to the convex and concave road, the speed is still fast, then the brake can be used to further reduce the speed to the convex and concave road, the vehicle does not appear until the big turbulence.In the process of further deceleration using the brake, if the vehicle is about to appear shaking, you can step down the clutch pedal, after deceleration, the speed drops to the low end of the range of a few gears, the shift lever into a few gears.

The second-hand dump truck has a large inertia, a long body, a large space occupied, a large direction plate and a slower reaction than the small car, with more gears (more than six) and a small gear gap, which is quite complicated to operate and requires mastering the driving skills of relevant large trucks.

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