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The reason why the clutch does not separate and the solution
2019-05-08 21:10:32

1、First of all, you should check whether the brake oil in the clutch oil housing is enough or not. If not, where can the clutch oil be used?If the oil level is normal, get on the car and step on the clutch a few more times to see if the gear is improved. If it is improved, there is air in the clutch oil path.

2、If the oil is enough, please check whether there is oil leakage around the clutch main pump and clutch sub-pump. If there is oil leakage, please replace the leaking sub-pump or main pump without considering maintenance and only considering problem solving.

3、change good total oil pump or pump, replenish ourselves into clutch brake oil oil at the main pump shell, then find another person to help you start a fierce to trample clutch steps stepped on a certain number of times, the other one in the air, after the row locking screw air, repeat the above process, until to clutch feel high, object completely screw put no bubbles come out so far.Lock the vent screw.At the same time check the clutch pump and the main pump both share the free putter clearance, generally two to three millimeters or so.Feel a little clearance can.

4、wipe the oil stains, step on the car clutch gear, see clutch is normal separation, gear smooth no tooth phenomenon, there is no other fault, such as clutch normal separation, fault resolution.

5、clutch main pump or sub pump if the seal is not strict, a single repair package generally can not guarantee the quality, may lead to a period of time and the above failure, it is recommended to replace the assembly processing.

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