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What is the follow-up work after the Used car is bought home
2019-05-10 19:26:50

What is the follow-up work after the Used car is bought home?After a lot of people bought secondhand dump car, want to be done afresh to the car one time, but should start from what link after all, insider is very few however.For this, professional personage of xin jingdian secondhand car center hints, because secondhand dump car already drove certain mileage, because this is after buying, should proceed with from safe respect above all.

1、Replace the oil and the oil tank. Replace the "liquid", such as oil, wave box oil, brake oil, water tank cooling water, etc.Oil must be replaced at the same time to ensure that the oil circuit is not blocked by impurities.

2、Wave box oil is the most easily ignored.Buy a Used dump truck, should be replaced with the factory specifications of the wave box oil, this is particularly important for more than 5 years of car age.If it is a rear drive car, replace the "tail tooth oil" together.

3、Change the Cam belt and water pump for vehicles with a vehicle age of more than 5 years or a mileage of more than 70,000 kilometers, the most reliable method is to change the new Cam belt (i.e.

4、Check the tires. If the tires are worn, replace them with new ones to ensure safety.Some may not have changed a tire for three or four years, and while the tires may look fresh or pit deep, the gum may have hardened and the tires may not provide the grip they need.

5、Apart from common vacuuming and deep steam cleaning, it also needs disinfection wipe and anion air purification steps to remove all kinds of odor.Of course, in a number of formal business places, the sale of the car is after multiple procedures of maintenance and maintenance, consumers can save a lot of maintenance costs.

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