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Second-hand truck maintenance experience
2019-05-15 17:52:53

Used dump truck is often engaged in large transport, vehicle wear is more serious, so the maintenance of the truck is very important, especially the second-hand dump truck, the owner must pay great attention to the daily maintenance after buying the second-hand dump truck, in order to maintain the excellent performance of the car, extend the service life of the car.
There are three major aspects of the daily maintenance of a used howo tipper:

Car body maintenance, including car paint, cushion carpet, bumper, car skirt, dashboard, tires, wheels, windshield, chassis, etc.

Car maintenance, including: lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, carburetor (nozzle) maintenance.

Car body renovation, including the diagnosis and treatment of deep scratches, multi-material bumper repair, wheel hub (cover) of the hard injury repair, leather, chemical fiber material renovation, engine color renovation and so on.Here are three key points to mention when it comes to driving

1. Tire maintenance

This link, is the key to the maintenance of second-hand dump truck.High speed driving, if the tire burst will give a big accident, the small side, head, big car.Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of the tires before each trip.First, check the tire pressure.Pressure is too high, too low is not good, to make appropriate adjustments according to the situation.For example, when the road is wet and the weather is hot, the pressure should be lower and the air should not be too full.When the temperature drops sharply, the tires must be pressurized to cope with the cold road surface.

Next, need to check whether the tire has a scar, such as the possible existence of the tire crack, nibble tire and wheel hub rib crack, etc. to carefully check, do the necessary replacement.The 3rd, the bearing weight of before and after tire differs, wear-and-tear also differs, because this drives certain range hind, change before and after tire, can make the best use of everything so, prolong the service life of tire.

2. Maintenance of brake system

The braking system is very important for the safety of the used dump truck.The braking system of light goods vehicles mainly USES brake oil to transfer braking force, while that of heavy goods vehicles USES pneumatic braking system. They should adopt different maintenance methods.For cars with oil brake, check the level of brake oil before going out.If the oil level is found to be falling, check the brake oil circuit immediately for leaks.Brake oil, which absorbs moisture from the air, becomes ineffective over time and is best replaced once a year.For pneumatic brake system, pay attention to the regular discharge of water in the system and replace the dryer regularly.The moisture in the pneumatic system will corrode the pipeline and affect the braking effect.In addition, often check the pump pump work and pump belt wear, timely replacement.

3. Maintenance of wiper blade

Experienced a summer of hard work, Used howo dump truck wiper and other rubber products have been very serious aging, in order to ensure the safety of driving, wiper had better be replaced once a year.Drivers should not blindly increase the length and width of the wiper blade when replacing the wiper blade, because the original factory has made the best design for the washing field of vision. Although the length of the wiper blade can increase the visible range of the window field of vision, it will also increase the burden of electrical equipment such as wiper motor.

4. Maintenance of car lights

Entering the autumn and winter seasons, the normal use of the lights is an important guarantee for the safety of drivers, and the owners should pay special attention to the inspection and maintenance of the lights.In peacetime use and maintenance, should pay attention to check the side turn signal, fog light, brake light and other work is normal, if there is found that the light bulb should be replaced in a timely manner.After checking the lights, the owner must also check that the dust cover is in good condition.If the dust cover appears damaged, driving rain will be easy to enter, the formation of water mist in the inner layer of the lampshade, so the lamp brightness will be greatly affected, a long time may also corrode the plug, wire.The simple treatment of water mist is to turn on the headlights, using light heat to make the fog disappear.

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