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How to maintain after buying secondhand dump truck?
2019-06-12 19:13:08

Dump trucks are vehicles that automatically unload goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting and require constant maintenance.Some car owners do not know how to maintain their vehicles after buying Used dump trucks, resulting in reduced service life and performance of dump trucks.

Introduction of dump truck configuration

1, chassis

When choosing chassis, it is to consider by economic benefit commonly, for instance: the price of chassis, load quality, overload capacity, fuel consumption of 100 kilometers, road expenses.In addition, users should consider the following parameters of the chassis:

(1) chassis chassis plane height from the ground.Generally, the height of the plane above the 6x4 chassis is 1050~1200.The higher the value, the higher the center of gravity, the more likely to cause rollover.The main factors affecting this value are tire diameter, suspension arrangement and main frame section height.

(2) chassis rear suspension.This value will affect the stability of dumper lift, resulting in lift over accident.This value is generally between 500 and 1100 (except for dump trucks).

(3) vehicle matching reasonable, reliable use.

2, jacket,

At present dump truck refit manufacturers mixed, the choice of dump truck manufacturers than the selection of products is equally important.In addition to looking at the products, but also understand the manufacturers of equipment capacity, dumper mounted design, process equipment is mature, after-sales service commitment, accessories can be bought to wait.

One, dump truck maintenance basic knowledge

1, often scrub, drive carefully, do not bump, keep the car clean.Better put some air cleaner or something.

2. Don't put it outside on a snowy day, preferably in an air-conditioned garage, and do more maintenance several times a month.

3, it is recommended that when you do not need the dump truck often to beat the car butter, especially the hydraulic cylinder to hit.

4, if you pull the ore and so on the car suggested that you put the inside of the car with iron 10 kg each grid welding.This will protect your car from being smashed out of shape.

5, the car has a small problem to solve quickly.

Second, the new dump truck inspection

1, check whether the oil in the hydraulic tank is enough, otherwise it must be filled with enough oil according to the requirements of specified oil brand.At the same time, check whether there is leakage of manually operated valve and air circuit, and whether there is leakage of oil circuit of hydraulic system.

2. In the case of no load, the lifting test shall be carried out according to the lifting operation procedure of the tipping mechanism.

3, in the process of lifting, pay attention to check whether the hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, control valve and other parts work normally, such as whether the hydraulic lifting has stagnation, movement.Bounce and abnormal noise, etc.

4. After 8-10 times of no-load lifting test, it is considered to work normally, and it can be considered to have good dumping performance in the case of no oil or gas leakage.

Three, new car maintenance, oil skills

The first refueling must be added to the "jump gun"

In the new car after the first refueling must be added to the "jump gun", once the oil gun "jump gun", do not add.The move is to check whether the new car fuel gauge is accurate.

Don't fill it up except the first time

For the sake of the economy of the vehicle, except for the first time, later refueling does not have to fill up the tank, generally it can be increased to 2/3.You know, a full tank is almost as big as an adult.

The best time to fill up is in the morning

The best time to fill up is in the morning, especially in the hot summer months, to avoid a lot of gas in the tank, resulting in less fuel.When the fuel gauge light is on, refueling should be done immediately, otherwise the diesel pump may burn down because there is too little diesel in the tank to dissipate heat for the diesel pump.
The above is the dump truck maintenance knowledge we introduce to you.In the daily use of the dump truck, you must keep in mind the maintenance knowledge we introduced, so that the performance of the Used dump truck can get the best play.