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Howo dumper shopping guide
2019-05-05 17:46:20

1 mine use: according to your requirement, can choose 290 ˜ 420 HP engine.Select short wheelbase to improve frame strength and vehicle passability.For the gearbox, the 9-speed transmission has a large input torque.For driving axle, mine driving axle needs double deceleration, differential lock and differential.We recommend choosing tires, radial tires 12.00R20 same.In order to carry large stones, you can remove the back door of the dump.The thickness of the steel can be bottom 12mm, side and back 10mm to meet the mining requirements, for the dump system, you can choose the top or front.The usual length of the dump is 4800 5600mm.

2. Urban buildings: these trucks usually drive on urban roads with a driving distance less than 200kms.336hp or 380hp engine power is the best choice.Choose 6x4 or 8X4 drive according to the deadweight.Choose a 10-speed or 12-speed gearbox.Double reduction bridge, speed ratio from 4.42 to 5.73.Better choice of radial tire.Usually 6 x4 trunk of the length of the dump truck is 5600 ˜ 6000 mm;8 x4 dump truck trunk from 6200 ˜ 8500 mm.

3 - for transport distance over 200 km, drive axle can choose the speed ratio of 4.42 or 4.8, the best use of 8X4 can hold more goods.The transmission can be either 10 or 12 gears.Large case length 6200 to 8500mm, front top.

4 - how to select the truck lift system?

Large box capacity: 15cbm-18cbm select top/front lift system

Large box capacity: 20cbm-30cbm select front lift system

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